today, the third session of the Hunan business conference smooth opening, attended the evening slumber party as Hunan electricity supplier, electricity supplier service providers I was thinking. Hu Guo, the speech to convey the province, city firm attitude to the development of the electricity supplier in Hunan and support policy, let me start thinking about what the government enterprises do not pay enough attention on their own or do not pay enough attention to the electricity supplier which led to a shortage of electricity power in Hunan. Here, I’d like to give my personal opinion.

for an electricity supplier service for 8 years, I, on behalf of the electricity supplier service providers, but also on behalf of traditional enterprises and electronic business platform. Because 8 years, I have been doing for the traditional enterprise electricity supplier related services. What is the lack of traditional electricity providers do what I think is talent and thinking.

Hunan lack of electricity supplier talent?

Hunan has 30 enterprises, but how many real electricity supplier talent?

now our university has trained a number of enterprises to meet the needs of the electricity supplier talent


to solve the problem of talent, I think first of all should start from education.

Chen, Zhou Dafu, Shenzhen, the total share of the Shenzhen Institute of technology, is the need for the transformation of traditional business electricity supplier needs to set up a targeted electricity supplier courses to develop efficient electricity supplier talent. In Hunan, we should have more such training institutions or schools.

should be followed by environmental issues for the electricity supplier to create high-quality working environment and benefits.

third is to encourage the development of traditional enterprise electricity supplier. For the development of traditional enterprise electricity supplier to give appropriate funding. Such as the cost of shop, staff salaries, etc.. We should not expect too much of the field of electricity supplier companies and electricity providers can be settled in Hunan, we only when they do bigger and stronger, talent and well-known brands are likely to settle in Hunan. So we should combine their own advantages, accurate positioning.

Hunan traditional business owners understand the Internet do not understand.

atmosphere of the electricity supplier in Hunan has been very good, otherwise why today the venue would be packed? But really understand the traditional Internet companies and how much? It really realized how many, who have successfully realized. But if you do not share, the entire electricity supplier in Hunan and how to make it bigger and stronger, so the government should help more traditional enterprises to carry out the study of the Internet thinking. Such as the opportunity to organize a similar e-commerce conference in Hunan.

we are in the process of traditional business contact, found that the traditional business to the Internet demand is really too big, but the Hunan business circle of people, seriously caused the dragons and fishes jumbled together, the traditional enterprises of Hunan for the Internet to know the depth.

so I suggest that the relevant departments can take the initiative to organize the study of the internet. On the one hand, to support a variety of electricity providers to exchange salon or support electricity supplier service providers to provide electricity supplier training, on the other hand, multi organization Internet conference.

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