from   grassroots College   group 20128088
Theme speaker [Liaoning] magic Kai (1058193)
on July 29, 2007


theme: how to quickly use the network resources for website promotion.

QQ as the main communication tool, with more than 200 million users.

today to talk about how to take advantage of this network, QQ users are scattered, we can not be one by one to promote, so how to conduct large-scale promotion, it is easy for us to think QQ group.

each of us do not have to add a group of more than and 10, we can do some funny personality pictures, this thing is very popular in the group.

such as:


and then I can not spread in various groups, this method is different from the AD.

I believe this is not a AD will not let people T off, and the audience is very wide.

this method is particularly suitable for image stations, entertainment stations use.


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