wrote a lot of practical articles before the blog, today I would like to change a topic to talk about our blog every day at the foot of the comments. To easily do a little reading blog comments.

I think

first loose blog (SS) is not a light on SEO techniques host mode, because if it is SS to do a SEO based diagnosis will also have a lot of suggestions, after all, is the site blog mode, tactical flagship blog system is the content of dialysis and access to information, rather than the pursuit of word capacity and like electricity supplier as function conversion. So, look from the exterior to the blog system is taking the route is simple and practical, China can not say not more users get Pro poor. This is to do blog marketing is a friend to be aware of.

and most of the original blog system is based on the SEO (zblog WordPress Pro Pro Baidu, Google), left the task is how to make the information to allow users to focus on dialysis, a unique style of your favorite content form. This is the teacher always burst will remind you that new line need not think it like that, but to figure out what is your content style (SS: Grassroots strong and happen to you by my side, you can touch the tentacles), where the contents of the advantages (SS: strong diversification and not lose the theme). Why is your content users are still willing to come back to see (SS: you can see the same situation of grass root). These problems are you in the optimization and operation before you have to figure out, rather than you, as your colleagues across the table as a new site on the line began to search for the source and friends of the chain negotiations.

I’m here to do a simple data comparison, look at the SS blog with another well-known W blog. From the data can be easily seen in the case of the 2 platforms are almost the same, W has more search traffic, SS has a better experience flow. Only from the image data, search the main causes of high flow rate is W has more volume (included), the experience of high flow SS is more pulled up the overall PV content is quality content; the former is due to the W blog online time is long, the more, the latter is because SS is more soluble in grass root circle.

is not difficult to find, SS unique content and characteristics of open blog comments foreplay, favorite speech is generally bragging or grassroots grassroots (the truth Boss level really don’t play online social networking), but this does not mean the content is not unique and wonderful. Each comment on the SS platform seems to be a grassroots competition, as grassroots but everyone who wants to do grassroots always want to be an Internet celebrity or a Internet Co executives it?. Therefore, we will pay more attention to each comment, because it represents your voice, your wisdom.

in turn, and then look at the W platform on the comments, each article comments less time, sometimes only 10 a few, when more than more than and 100, while the SS is almost never less than 60 120+, a general comment on the topic always. Look at the picture below, and in the comment style, SS is more compact

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