entrepreneurs in the air is easy to obtain financing from the capital side, but when the tide receded, many O2O class business model after market testing, found that the business model can not achieve long-term profitability and bankruptcy. To some extent, reflects the need for good precipitation project, the air is not a sufficient condition for success.

since the beginning of the second half of 2015, the winter capital, valuation diving, financing slowdown and other negative words appeared in the capital market, such as the O2O class of startups become fashionable for a time like this once famous star company, fall in the winter under the impact of silent.

just past 2016, start on the road there are many victims, following from industry, round and regional dimensions of these company inventory and analysis.

a start-up company growth


IT database based on the company won the two orange round dimensions and growth stage financing to define the stage. The first clear IT on stage division round orange: the start-up period by covering the seed, angel, Pre-A, A and A+ round of financing company; growth period is included by Pre-B, B, B+ and C round of financing; mature period is defined by D, E, F and round of strategic investment company; listed companies including IPO, listed three new board listed two companies.

According to the data of

startup IT orange included display, until early January 2017, included in the database of start-up companies accounted for 67% of the dominant position, the venture capital industry is still in the emerging stage, compared with previous years, with the development of the industry, the growth period was more than accounted rising year by year, until the beginning of 2017, in the stage of the company has reached 11202, accounting for 24%. At the same time, D round and after the maturity of the company accounted for 5%.

from the beginning of the establishment of the company to IPO or three new board listed to go through a long process, the database included 45969 companies only completed the listing process of 3%.

two venture company closed down inventory analysis

in start-up companies shutting down collapse inventory analysis, IT orange were inferred by means of technology, through technical analysis of company URL, unable to open or analytical errors, judged to be "closed", but this judgment will misjudgment and omission, so IT will be combined with the orange news and other channels information, company operating state update.

according to IT orange data show that as of mid January 2017, a total of 1390 companies in a closed state, accounting for 3% of all start-up companies, compared to 2015, an increase of 401 companies. In 2016, a total of 31 financing and well-known company collapse, involving 11 industries, 8 stages for investment rounds, year of establishment is across the 2003 to 2015>

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