Ma Jiajia recently made a share, the topic is: how to create a personality in the process of the brand? Because she had sex toys sold hot Internet thinking in the Internet, now she is a female founder of High community. Sharing is still a lot of dry cargo, there is no use to see everyone!

I am very serious autistic people, most of the time in the observation of the surrounding things, my perception so than the people around several times, I have the ability to write and creative personality. So, what I share today is: how to create a personality in the process of making a brand?

a, accurate brand sense

high school, I was learning the arts, in the college entrance examination three months ago I was cramming, the calendar year answer read, and form a standardized answer. Later, I do the answer is basically out, I found that through rational thinking, can make a lot of knowledge to follow.

This adorable face

software for each person’s face permutation and combination, will find that everyone’s emotional material must be limited, and then through the wonderful combination, the basic can form all love.

talk about a woman’s case:

The most common psychological pattern of

young women is princess disease. There was a girl who wanted to be a princess, because she took part in all the things I did, so I gave her an analysis. I saw her, I suddenly feel dumbfounded, think this dress product and the princess didn’t, but there is a very strong sense of virtue.


I think her copy is rather baffling, completely unintelligible. She wants to express is visual and sensory vanity, but this is not the essence of the princess, and "Princess" be quite different, she is shown by her temperament, behind the mental model is self sacrifice and service consciousness, the three obediences and the four virtues. This small daughter-in-law always had many responsibilities, from her husband and child, mother, society and so on, to meet the social expectations in many situations, basically love watching Korean female users is such a group of people.

but when I want to be a princess, I think the princess’s key words are: willful, unbridled…… You want to catch the princess. In fact, as the princess princess heart disease, so it copy should be like this: "you look, you overbearing, you arrogant, how is that? No one can stop you, because you are a princess, is the future king. A wisp, serene, the dumping." It is difficult to express the feeling, exactly is the most precious part of the Internet brand.


Hellokitty is one of the most valuable cats in history. What does the woman say about her? "As long as I see her, I can’t walk". So the girls pursue

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