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website promotion? From the site to let customers upload to browse? In the past, because many people do not understand what is the website promotion, network marketing, or unheard of. Some people say that if the site promotion and site as a process, so just stick a small part in the whole process, that is to say most of the other will stand with you more time and effort, including website operation, website maintenance, website promotion.

every hour of every day will have do not remember the number of sites in the network, your site is like a reality in the vast sea of humanity in you, then who will pay attention to you? We make site became investment information island, is more sorry we missed partners, missed opportunities, miss the development of. In this era of the Internet spread rapidly throughout the world, network promotion is doubly important. In this way, we will be able to let more people know us, close to us, and be free from the limitations of time and space. So, what should we do?

first website promotion needs a step by step, need to plan, the whole process is a system of the project, the following just to promote friends do some suggestions.

1, landing some free search engine, common free and effective, Google, Baidu, Sina, Sogou, Yahoo, search, search entrance can view the Nid=10000128, which has some of the search engines need to be done on a link to it will be included in your site.

2, landing a number of free web site, cited a number of sites can bring a large number of visits: Baidu, Google, Yahoo, MSN, DMOZ and other visits are the largest search engines, followed by 265 and 114. At the same time to some high-profile or hot Wen retie writer on the sofa, propaganda signature, think of ways to expand the site advertising area, get more traffic.

3, and some sites to do links, or exchange advertising. This website promotion should pay attention to, don’t think first and site links, because they have little time to link, and you stand at the same time, in the analysis of Google PR value angle, large website links do not give you the highest weight, proposed to find some related websites or complementary website, website cooperation flow has little difference, so the success rate is bigger, save a lot of time and energy.

4, go to the web site related to the forum, the forum to discuss topics. And leave your contact information in the signature. Don’t always advertise. If you are interested in your comments, he will be interested in your site. You can also go to a forum that is not related to the popularity of the show to show your talent, published an attractive article, but please remember to sign.

5, on a number of large web sites

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