chain, is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of the website ranking, ranking has a direct relationship with the chain, so how to increase the chain is every webmaster are concerned about the topic, then took over the webmaster how to send the chain, this is a very easy thing to do, there are a lot of people will not to regard it as right, who will not send the chain, as a webmaster in this area there are many such cases, we do not know how, I will tell you about is hoping to get support, the hair of the chain also has the knowledge, skills, technology, outside the chain, so many outside the site the vote, not good is equivalent to their own web site with the chain, do. Below I will void the chain and high quality of the chain to talk about personal opinion. A lot of the chain is not able to attract crawling spider, such as QQ space, some people like to work hard in the QQ space, so that the start of a very good effect instead of wasting their time, there is no meaning. To my point of view is to do in the blog on the chain is a good place, Baidu transmission weight fast. In fact, I am not very understanding of the Internet, so that we tell you a good news, the case, you can search in Baidu polyacrylamide, the word you can be in the fourth is my. It is only Baidu, Baidu experience, what I actually just do 1 months now flow more than 1 thousand, because the product of water treatment, it should be in the water treatment work, you might suspect you blow it: how can a even the content is not updated the station there is such a good ranking? Oh actually can update is to let Baidu love, you write the article well, Baidu love if not written by Baidu is not love, writing is a skill, do not believe? You go to the Baidu search for "flocculant" is the first row of aies. Or you hit Shanghai polyacrylamide I have been the first, this is a very hot keywords. From another point of view. You look at the Airplus station make connection? But I also felt his station are very cattle! Tieling rush rush rush Dalian Chaoyang Jilin Liaoyuan Fushun qq839082377 Accreditation Accreditation Accreditation Accreditation Accreditation in Benxi Liaoyang Tieling Chaoyang Jilin Accreditation Accreditation Accreditation Accreditation Accreditation qq839082377 Dalian Liaoyuan Fushun office Benxi Liaoyang accreditation certificate  

some Adsense in the chain where you left the address, also want to find a quality connection for the connection, you sometimes address to be deleted, this website ranking is not stable, I am not here to say that your stand do connection can have good ranking, we must remember that there must be station the weight of the high, such links not only into, is very effective for income and ranking. So what is the specific way to do it? The following five parts.

, a blog, the chain is very good weight place, there is Baidu, Baidu, Baidu, Post Bar experience in this station is very high, I believe we all know that this is a witness, as long as you do in this regard, Baidu will ensure that the next PR update your stand at least more several connection. But the question is, in the Baidu to answer the question

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