wrote before the words

for a long time, I heard the rumors of a word: "at one time, the choice is more important than to do." In addition in a webmaster general assembly, heard China well-known webmaster beard brother also said a word, the theme of the website choose to choose small, large radiation! Who is his brother as a beard, to guess good!


housewife network selection tangled

I did the entertainment station, closed, do local classification information, yaosibuhuo. Game SNS, it’s just a flash in the pan.

really, I want to be a real station, a real station, but think for a long time, also worked for a long time, the tuition also made many, but find no way, like the universe of the Internet, without personal experience, you can get the "Epiphany" Emmanuel a


and now com precious and scarce, I was involved in the industry as a grassroots in 2009, to avoid the embarrassment of the webmaster, I do not have a good domain name, what should I do?

one day, I signed up for a relatively reliable domain name in a first tier city in China, and I’m going to do it again. But I would be uncertain. And the reason I worry is:

1, I’m not in this city.

2, the classification of information if not combined with local businesses, I can not make money classified information. Then I can spend time at this time, although the dark under the plan, make a cost is certainly possible, but if so, working as it comes. At least one affordable wage.

so I thought of my another domain name, a domain name for women, how to choose the two?.

I don’t want to do a yaosibuhuo station, or go do not adhere to the


on the eve of the national day, I have been in the selection and entanglements!

housewife network decision, ready to make a woman’s flow

as I wander, I thought of another domain name, a double CC, I wanted to use it as a female site! Because the Jews have an important tip: make women and children most likely to

!When the 2010

website webmaster, is to have commercial sex consciousness, I feel that the analysis of the positioning of your site from the profit point, and the choice will be important! But my domain name is CC, and CC always make me feel uneasy, because I know I’m not GJJ.

then let me very confused people, women site so much, but can I do? I thought, I decided to do only the woman in the housewife, I want to put my narrow, only about family, and I check the housewife nets, my rival is not me! There are at least on the machine

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