at the end of 2009, I should be the director of the Xi’an post office in Changan District to participate in the electronic commerce king invited to give seminars. At the meeting to share their online marketing experience to mention this sentence – shop promotion, never do the silent majority.

has heard such a story: President Bush and the British Prime Minister to talk about things, when the United States Secretary of state came, very curious to ask what they are talking about. "We’re talking about the fate of one thousand Iraqis and a homeless man," said Bush".

the US Secretary of state was puzzled. "What kind of bum is that?"".

although this is just a story, and whether the existence of the real question. But from this story we can see the difference between the individual and the group. Most of the time, the group is too general to be the focus. The individual is too special, often people give more attention to the eye.

The story of

is: "one thousand Iraqis are not worth a tramp".

Last year

experience talk about the "four crown gate" event you should all know, Baidu has included the Wikipedia entry. Four old crown sellers to dare to speak, others dare not say, do not do to others move, the community a "novice sellers ridiculed crooked what? No business you deserve it" provoke a dispute, to attract many eyeballs. Post just four hours, traffic over fifty thousand, four thousand people’s Congress gentie length on their own point of view.

Although this case may be

four crown seller inadvertently move, because the post is anonymous publication. But from this event we can inspire, shop promotion sometimes it is necessary to find new way, make some outrageous things, and from the public and for personal independence of conduct.

Sister Lotus can not stand in the entertainment industry for a long time, because the people had challenge mode of thinking and values. Her performance art is beyond the reach of ordinary people. Even in every time is about to be forgotten, there is always some ray language ray things appear again let you remember her name.

this is an eyeball economy era, there is a focus on business value. Do online promotion in the same way, don’t be silent most of the time, at the right time and right ignites a critical point, perhaps only this time, you can make a new step.

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