2014, micro business barbaric growth, almost people think WeChat is trying to do their own dead. Fortunately, when about to enter 2015, whether it is business practitioners, line the store owner or the official WeChat, all to see the chaos behind the derivative nature, that is, advertising is a story of eternal life. For new entrants, trying to rely on the layers of the stockpile, expected million per month can only be a "willful" dream. Farewell to the concept of marketing, micro business into the era of plough.

it’s not anything, the recent hit "Wu legend" inside, is a hot topic in streets and lanes. Especially the launch of "chest" and "big head now".

so, how to use the heat and the influence to the legend of Wu Mei Niang to his campaign.

Listen to the report carefully to


first look at the contents of this account released.

WeChat public account, the product is fresh and nutritious food such as mushrooms and other products. In addition to the first is to introduce the company’s new letinous edodes sauce, the other is a story: "New Year’s Day Recipes and delicacy — dumplings, pork and cabbage dumplings Sauce Recipe: letinous edodes", "Helen of Troy is how to conquer Yang Guo’s stomach", "why so beautiful to see later? What have people of the Tang dynasty",…… The network hot events and products of fusion, the original illustrations, let a person shine at the moment. If it is you, you see, is not very cordial.

Wang casually on the Internet to "later," cosmetics "later, mask" search, immediately a lot of results.

for example, the following questions directly.

so, when you see, you can not go to the message, even if you do not know anything, you can also look at Baidu, copy paste, and then add their own contact.

, for example, the following.

perhaps you are worry about the supply of Cosmetics Lipstick, do not know where to find, although there may be many on the market are fake, but, if you really can find the TV play like lipstick, you just can sell it? After all, later legend such a fire, the audience so much, so popular with orange lipstick welcome you, even if only temporarily, as long as it has a product, can guarantee product quality, I think you should not be difficult to find these customers. What, don’t you know? Well, next class, I’ll tell you.

of course, there are many related news can be used for their own use. You don’t know, you can go to Baidu, use Baidu Search all have, you will find that, on what is now a hot legend later, everyone is concerned about the.

look at the following figure.



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