in China, the Internet industry is a fully competitive industry, recently has been a private enterprise in the world (foreign companies withdrew due to various reasons, but few have heard) state-owned enterprises well implemented Internet plus strategy. So what are the reasons? Is there any possible path for this paper to do a simple analysis.


first, the traditional business of state-owned enterprises in particular, the negative impact of the Internet thinking analysis

said the Internet of state-owned enterprises unfavorable factors, casually can say a lot, such as:

business model based on resource monopoly, there is no competitive pressure.

slow decision-making mechanism, unable to adapt to the rapid changes in the internet.

corporate culture for innovation is more conservative, the pursuit of stability.

salary system and culture is difficult to attract Internet elite talent.

leadership oriented rather than technical product orientation.

so is not state-owned enterprises can not occupy their own place in the Internet age?. Here are a few examples.

two, four cases:

air travel aspect

in the state-owned enterprises Internet plus rare success story is the air travel aspect, launched in 2012 in the context of mobile Internet, the number of active users is more than 10 million, has also received many awards. In accordance with the standards of Internet products, but also has been a successful product. Air travel aspect is an enterprise owned by the CNAC letter launched products, is only the beginning of a project, the team is very small, a person in charge, four was seconded to the staff, known as "mobile working group", later became an independent company, moving CNAC letter Technology Co. company. This shows that there is a good internal aviation business incubation mechanism to encourage staff innovation. Air travel aspect can succeed, cannot do without the leadership of the broad vision and decisive decision-making mechanism is relatively flexible, team and have be enthusiastic and press on navigation data, the comprehensive data resources — all airlines and passengers. Air travel aspect is in accordance with the Internet to create product ideas to do, start positioning "mobile service products" to travel management as the core, to provide users beyond the expected service, professional and authoritative data, these are the characteristics of it.

ICBC Internet banking

ICBC launched the eICBC strategy in March 2015, is the first launch of the Internet financial brand of traditional financial institutions, the industry as the elephant turned". E-ICBC brand, e (Electronic) represents the information technology, the Internet; I (Information) corresponds to the melting of the E platform, that is, information flow; C (Commerce) corresponding to the purchase of E platform, namely commodity flow; B (Banking) corresponding to the melting line >

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