when I go to work in the morning, it is a copy of the space log, and then sent to today’s headlines, Jane book, Sohu from the media platform above. After the release, just scan the article above jane.


opened the home page, an article entitled "people taste in clothes is how to develop?" the article attracted me. I think this is the first title attracted me, because she did not reveal in the title is a man or a woman. Man, this word contains men and women, I am a man, so I also want to read how to improve their taste.

now I still feel the taste is too low, because the grass root temperament before deep in my heart. See I still can not help but want to look, last year, my wife and I and my classmates after dinner on the way home, just met some stalls.

when I proposed to go to look at the stall, my wife and my classmates all despise me, grass root temperament in my body.

so, when I saw the title, I couldn’t help but come in and try to learn how to look at the people who had a good taste.

but to my surprise, the content of the article is not about how to dress, but a long story. The hero in the story is a woman. She told her about some changes from college to work. Of course, some of the changes in the dressing taste.

and I have patience to read her more than 4 thousand word article, in fact, this article is from the known. This has to make me know more about it. The so-called know almost always a God, but this is the decline of watercress for two years.

attracted me to read this article is not only the woman’s clothes on some of the changes, I think it is the hostess to a store to buy clothes that boss, but it caused some of my thinking.

I put these words in the original text to put it out, and then I say something to me more touching some words:

I sat next to

, pretending to see the clothes style, is actually looking at other girls next to try the clothes with the boss of the dialogue, try clothes of the girls is very assertive, but also the kind of good figure understand with his color clothes, do not know where the boss readily pulled out a belt or small shorts, too don’t you see so many pretty loud praise is lining you have more temperament ah Balabala that set, on the side, the girl had already decided to take this dress, also took the belt with shorts.

As a student of

this is the first time I saw such a clothes style, both distinctive and original will not buy and sell, the key is to take those clothes that girl is like her own made.

that day I did not intend to buy clothes, with bestie in the past, the doings of ghosts and gods bought two coats, plus >

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