Web content is not only the source of life for the large web site, but also the key to the effect of network marketing. Transfer of information needs to be based on the source has full information to potential users through any channel, effective information source need to adapt to characteristics of information transmission channels, so as to ensure the effectiveness of information transmission. The Internet gives each enterprise, each person the right to release information, how to effectively use this power for network marketing services, it is entirely dependent on the individual’s knowledge background and will.

      although the content of enterprise web site is not as rich as the news information website, but the average number of pages of most enterprise website is higher than the content based website. At first glance may be inconsistent with subjective feelings, in fact, after a careful analysis found that this phenomenon is very normal, for the network marketing is also very valuable. A user to a business website, need to obtain more valuable information from them, and came to a news or other content websites, usually just look at some of the new content of interest. In addition to the differences in the number of page browsing, corporate website and content site users there is an obvious feature is that the user to repeat the opportunity to visit a web site is much smaller than the news website. In other words, the company’s Web site for the user to visit the attraction is relatively small, in order to seize the limited access to the user, for the corporate website, but also in the context of great effort.

      Web access content, can be divided into original content and external resources. Original content refers to his creation and is the first site is the site of a professional nature, and welcomed the original articles from other industry websites reproduced each other, this website also be of great advantage for search engines. The content of external resources, Sheng Jie Bao thought to have specialized website editor collection and business products and services related to the acquisition, the content should be quite clear, more conducive to site visitors get valuable content. Whether it is the original content or external resources, must be combined with the site, through the search engine to bring more valuable visitors. Practice has proved that the high correlation with the content of the website content, its value is higher also, for Baidu, regardless of the original content and external resource content, to bring users value is relatively higher than that of Google, Baidu on the original or reproduced the contents of the same value, while Google pay more attention to copyright issues, so the original content in the the Google search engine will have a very good performance. Sheng Jiebao suggested: if the enterprise has the ability to encourage the publication of the original article, which for the visibility of the enterprise and professional level will be improved. External resources can be obtained from the industry website, the industry’s well-known blog, the industry’s leading website access, the content of this kind of website quality is good, more vulnerable to attention.

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