Washington (reporter Intern Ceng Fang Hu Shuntao) to climb the name of the brand, it means to dip into business opportunities, products do not have to advertise the first name. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the parties concerned, in addition to Google was registered, Google China renamed "Google" in less than 4 months, for the "Google" trademark has reached 104, which belongs to the United States as the company only 2.

"Google" is the United States Google company in April 12th of this year, in China released Google Chinese name. Allegedly, in

and beginning in April 13th, was the second day Kegao company released a new name, the creative name is on that day, Heilongjiang, Harbin City, Hubei Province, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for the trademark "Google", and it is the computer class, goods and services involved in computer programming, computer software, website maintenance.

, Chinese submitted to the State Administration of industry and commerce application is not interrupted, according to the relevant data show that as of now for "Google" trademark has been up to

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