May 10th is Ma outgoing Alibaba group CEO days, said today the domestic Internet news is belong to him. Many people are concerned about, after leaving Ali group will go from here, and Lu Zhaoxi will give us what kind of stunning performance. In fact, as the highest decision-making level Ali Ma may have already written the development plan in the future blueprint, and all this will be implemented by Lu Zhaoxi. We cannot give a specific practice, but we could suppose that Ali or will enter the era of comprehensive development.

why is the all-round development? We want to know, Ali group’s e-commerce platform started, in addition to the Alibaba of the world’s largest B2B website, also owns Alipay,, Ali software company. These can be considered to be the early support of Ali to build electricity supplier Empire infrastructure. But in the era of progress, the original function, while continuing to play a role, can not keep up with the pace of development. So he had a generous plan before leaving Ma:

1, the development of logistics and smooth future development of electricity supplier Avenue

one day will be able to produce tens of millions of single parcel Alibaba group to personally launch the logistics, this program has been confirmed. Led by Ali, intime, Fosun, Fuchun, one of four links, SF, bank leading institutions and related capital market and financial institutions has reached a strategic consensus, will jointly establish a support daily 30 billion (about 10 trillion year) retail sales network, so that any areas of the country do delivery Bida the large scale intelligent logistics backbone network within 24 hours, the project has entered the implementation stage.

2, shares Sina actively integrate the future of social networking

micro-blog belongs to a social network, but also today and the future of a highly dynamic network platform. As an Internet company, Ali no reason not to pay attention to the role of social elements in the internet. The face of the future full of unlimited reverie social electricity supplier, Ma chose to actively participate. Adapt to the development of the times to be able to better develop their own, so Alibaba with $586 million in exchange for Sina’s 18% stake in micro-blog, and may be raised in the future to $30%.

3, entered the high moral map to complete the O2O strategy

on the last day of Ma retired, online and came to the Alibaba decided to O2O (Online To Offline), the next line of business opportunities and the Internet combined with the field of news. Perhaps, the completion of the shares, the story above is also complete.

O2O with the development of mobile Internet and the rise, with the recent market matures, began to bloom out of great vitality. E-commerce is also no reason to ignore such development opportunities, it can help Ali combined a variety of electronic business platform. Since Baidu, Tencent have their own map advantage, then Ali should not fall behind.


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