[Abstract]Flipkart development momentum is very rapid, in the past six months, an increase of 6000 employees, the total number of employees has reached twenty thousand.

Tencent technology Xu Anna reported on December 20th

today, India’s largest e-commerce retailer Flipkart announced the completion of this year’s third round of financing $700 million. Investors include the Russian investment fund DST Global, Singapore Government Investment Company GIC, tiger Global Fund, Iconiq Capital, etc.. After this round of financing, Flipkart to the Singapore accounting and Business Administration (ACRA) submitted a listing application.

six months ago, Flipkart has received two rounds of financing, respectively, $210 million and $1 billion. This round of financing so that the total amount of financing in 2014 close to $2 billion. The company said $700 million of capital will be used for long-term strategic investment and build a high quality user experience.

this year is the year of the outbreak of electricity supplier in India. Flipkart development momentum is very rapid, over the past six months, an increase of 6000 employees, the total number of employees has reached up to now, the company’s registered users more than 26 million, the daily visit of up to 8 million times.

at the same time, its rivals Snapdeal and Amazon also accelerate the pace of development. Snapdeal in October this year to get Softbank’s $627 million in financing; after the Amazon to get $1 billion financing in Flipkart, announced a $2 billion investment for India business expansion, this month with the Chinese mobile phone brands and finalize the exclusive sales agreement.

in order to maintain the leading position in the fierce competition, Flipkart earlier this year bought one of its competitors are electricity supplier Myntra, and also through financing the accumulation of the competitive advantage.

data show that, Flipkart was founded in 2007, headquartered in India, Bangalore, but in fact is incorporated in singapore.

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