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mobile phone, APP, select start sliding restaurant, browse menu, enter the address, after several minutes, a hot takeaway is to express your hands. This series has been the need for consumers Pro Pro, time-consuming activities, in recent years, has been the Internet era, the mouse and wheel alternative. O2O (Online to Offline) is the online to offline business model, since August is sweeping the entire food and beverage industry, the impact of the traditional food and beverage market.

a few years ago one of their entrenched takeaway platform, in this year have entered the takeaway market to break new ground, fuelled by the Internet giant in the Bureau, and the rise of a combat price are high-profile takeaway market. Chinese takeaway industry O2O market scale rapid development in recent years. Product consulting data released by the show, is expected in 2014 the market size will reach 91 billion 300 million yuan, in 2015 will exceed $120 billion.

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Internet giant influx takeaway

The main role of

takeaway O2O market has four types: platform, catering businesses, the third party logistics enterprise and consumers, in the four, the platform undoubtedly acts as a whole industry chain guide, therefore, the focus of the dispute commanding platform has become the undisputed market participants compete to sell abroad.


, on the platform, the main participants can be divided into three categories: one is the Internet giant, is representative of U.S., Baidu takeaway, and Ali Amoy little public comment; the other is the powerful old takeaway business, such as the current market share of the highest platform hungry; there is a based on the local takeaway start-up companies, including Nanjing zero line, big mouth etc..

Internet giant’s force in this year has become particularly high-profile. In January 2014, in the field of fast group purchase meituan officially launched takeaway service, and the current strong momentum, as of June this year, the App download up to 388 thousand times; in April, Baidu launched a map based delivery service, providing a large flow entrance for a number of catering businesses and takeaway platform; in May, it was hungry to get strategic investment in the public comment 80 million dollars; because the earlier Tencent shares public comment, so it can also be said to be indirectly involved in the form in the field of takeaway Tencent; in addition, the Alibaba also has its own layout of Amoy little takeaway market, Amoy little from the original reservation function of ordering and transformation, still preserved the function of ordering, as of this year in June, the App download volume of 2 million 124 thousand times, occupy the top three markets.

price war smoke four

began in mid August, industry occupies 80% share of the hungry takeaway ordering website launched 200 thousand copies of free lunch. Immediately, the Internet giant Baidu’s life service platform Baidu

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