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new "consumer protection law" (hereinafter referred to as the "law") formally implemented six months, the State Administration for Industry and commerce is gradually implement the seven days no reason to return policy.

yesterday (September 15th), the State Administration for Industry and Commerce held a new "consumer protection law" the first half of the work briefing, since the implementation of the first half of the new "law" to sum up the work.

The Secretary of the State Administration for Industry and commerce to protect the interests of consumers

Yang Hongcan at the briefing said that after July, the 10 appliance providers interviewed at present, Alibaba (scroll information) group, Beijing Dongcheng, shop No. 1 business platform can lead rectification, network consumer environment gradually improved.

Yang Hongcan at the briefing, said the next step will be promulgated as soon as possible, the violation of consumer rights and interests punishment approach. According to the "daily economic news" reporter, these penalties will be announced before the end of October.

part of the platform set artificial barriers /

After the implementation of

in the first half of the new "law", consumer awareness for relevant articles increased significantly.

"according to the Consumers Association survey, the first half of the new consumers to" eliminate "the important provisions of awareness from the beginning of the 76.40% rose to the current 83.19%, awareness and publicity encouraging." China Association Secretary General Chang Yu said.

recently, the Beijing Consumers Association released 18 consumers familiar with the experience of the shopping site survey results. The results show that: more than 70% network platform does not express operator information or incomplete information, as well as part of the site on the seven day no reason to return to set up artificial barriers.

daily economic news reporter noted that in yesterday’s press conference, seven days no reason to return is still a relatively high frequency of words.

"new method of online shopping related regulations, should be one of the highlights. But the key issue now is that all parties in the market "provisions of the new consumer law" understanding is not very consistent, for example, seven days no reason to return, understand the problems of the parties soundness of goods is not consistent." Yang Hongcan said.

just two months ago, SAIC had jointly Chinese Consumers Association interviewed Alibaba, Jingdong mall and other 10 enterprises, the implementation and the main content of interviews is seven days no reason to return. In interviews and supervise business actively after modification of the past strict return standard.

, we not only require the 10 appliance manufacturers in accordance with the requirements of the rectification, all electricity supplier companies should be in accordance with our requirements for rectification." Yang Hongcan said that after the investigation of the electricity supplier, SAIC issued a notice on the implementation of the electricity supplier business consumer protection law no reason to return to carry out the inspection notice.

next month to issue infringement penalties /


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