has become an effective tool for network marketing. Not only in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games approaching, a number of city of our country registered general website, launched a new round of city brand marketing climax; in addition, general. The "direct model" has become a "precision tool in enterprise marketing".

common web site is a new technology of network name access. Access to the Internet in the past, you must enter a string of letters in English as the symbol of the address; with this technology, in the address bar directly enter the Chinese name to facilitate easy to remember, you can log on to the site. Therefore, the general web site has a network of trademarks, said.

online city card popular

2008 Olympic sailing event in Qingdao city before the date of registration of the "general website caique". As long as the address bar enter the "sailing capital" of the Chinese characters, you can immediately log in Qingdao Olympic Games official website. Beijing and the Olympic Games in 2008. One of the Shenyang city general football preliminaries were also registered the "eBeijing" and "vitality".

in addition to the Olympic Games City recognized the huge role of network marketing, many small and medium cities in China also played a "network city card".

Chengdu City Tourism Bureau saw the industry’s tremendous impetus to the development of the city, combined with the characteristics of the city, registered with the "leisure capital of China," the general web site for the domain name of China Chengdu tourism portal. Wenzhou city within the jurisdiction of the "China Electric Capital" as the brand of the town of Liushi, registered the "capital of China," the general web site of this network to promote the Liushi electric appliance brand.

enterprise marketing precision weapon

also plays an important role in enterprise marketing. The precise characteristics of Web site with "one to one direct, universal web site users can be directly to the enterprise website, even the relevant product page, establish the most direct connection between the user and the enterprise products.

insiders said, with vast amounts of information on the Internet, the user directly to the web site, can greatly reduce the cost of marketing, and in accelerating the economic pace of today, this facility will also help to improve the marketing efficiency.

it is understood that the use of generic network marketing network in the enterprise is also increasingly popular. In recent years mobile registered up to more than and 400 web site, include not only the "China Mobile", "global", "China", "M-Zone" brand in the English logo, even the "12593", "cn1860", "chn1860", the general customer service have also. It is registered.

but experts said that some cities and small and medium enterprises in China is not strong awareness of the use of generic url. Because the general web site has a "first come, first served" feature, it can be seen as a scarce resource on the internet. In the past there have been a number of well-known brands were first registered, and forced the company to buy back the case, because

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