in 1997, CNNIC was formally established in the management of CN domain name registration, CN domain name registration only 2000 to one; today, after ten years, CN domain name registration has reached 5 million 300 thousand. Then, the CN domain name ten years off the road from weak to strong, actually experienced what important turning point? What is the strength of the CN domain to take off the power? The value of CN domain name, the application of Internet users and the promotion of domain name management agencies are three main factors.

first, as Internet based resources in China, the CN domain name is the Internet enterprise brand identity, is a bridge leading to China enterprise internationalization, but also an important means to realize the localization of multinational enterprises, it is the network ID netizens indispensable. These values and characteristics of the CN domain name, it is the CN domain name registration volume exceeded 5 million 300 thousand, in the country beyond the root causes of COM domain name.

rights guarantee and technical support is an important manifestation of the value of the domain name CN, China international economic and Trade Commission of the domain name dispute center secretary general Li Hu said that the CN domain name by our own management, has obvious advantages in language and the law, to avoid the encounter in the COM domain name dispute on the reverse domain name plunder. According to CNNIC technical director Li Xiaodong introduction, CN domain name is not only in the last year to deploy the top six nodes, but also with South Korea and other cooperation in the overseas server, effectively ensuring the stability and efficiency of CN domain access. CNNIC is currently in negotiations, CN domain name is expected to advance the top node in Europe and america.

if the value of the CN domain name is the fundamental factor, then the application of the full range of CN domain name is the direct driving force for the development of the domain name, to promote the realization of CN domain name in a short period of time to achieve leapfrog development. Currently, 97% of the provincial government websites have enabled the CN domain name as the main domain name. Last year, the Beijing 08 Olympic Games officially opened the beijing2008.CN domain name, can become a favourite tale. In the case of government agencies enabled CN domain name, currently China’s 20 major industries in the company has been enabled by the CN domain name of 80%.

government, a large number of enterprise applications, but also accelerated the arrival of popular applications. At present, the application of CN domain name in the Internet users show a variety of colors, blog, photo albums, personalized domain name e-mail, online shops and other application models have been excavated by the Internet users, and directly promote the outbreak of the CN domain name.

in March this year, CNNIC launched the "CN domain name one yuan experience and national domain off action, complete breakdown of the CN domain name application threshold, trigger the application experience of the wave of CN domain to obtain a breakthrough in both scale and application mode of registration. CNNIC director Mao Wei said: in the future we must further strengthen the service functions of public service agencies, continue to use the flexible means of marketing to promote the re innovation of the national domain name."

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