first, we say: do online transactions, do not sympathize with the weak

Guizhou information port in the support of PHPCMS open source program. Has gradually improved a set of integrated information portal. People are afraid of being famous, pigs are afraid of being strong. My site columns and the overall style is the result of playing lots of collecting and summarizing large portal sites and places need to be combined, may be the overall effect is good, has not been made, still being produced will have a lot of friends ask me what time the template is produced, what time to meet with you. When I finished, some people said that I would buy a template, and then do not want to sell the template directly, because it has not been completed. However, they are too warm, but also called you "big brother", " master " and then I sympathize with them, they agreed to sell them, however, they are liars, they cheat a lot of.

first, I still want to trade through Taobao, told him to take the baby, I will send the goods, then he found the excuse that not only Alipay, online banking, hit the money in my account, and then put the receipt to me, then call me template. I say to that, he was begging, say what early to him, he modified what, I relented and sent him, then, a week or so are not received, then is not an excuse for preparing templates, no, I mean do not give a penny also, I don’t know what he means by the receipt out, the bank said he heard later for illegal operation, shall be frozen, I don’t know exactly, only the crooks know. This is the first encounter. Specifically, I do not want to say directly, I still believe that: liar is no good end. Friends, if you work hard template. Have to buy, do not give money to the template, otherwise it will be cheated.

second, after consulting my template, without demur captured my template program, and pay the money. And then called me to deliver, when I send the package is about to end, he directly canceled the acceptance, and then he suddenly do not want, and suddenly felt too big to maintain the site, and then do not speak. Pat directly went to apply for a refund, I always do not agree to a refund (estimated to repeat nearly ten times) and he is struggling to beg me, call me back to him, after what need to cooperate with me, and compressed no pass he not. Then, I am willing to pay some liquidated damages. I agreed, and he pulled me into the black list. I can’t see him directly, and then I find some way to use the template of the site, the results found that he is using, what is the specific QQ. I do not want to say, is really angry! So, or don’t feel sympathy for the "weak", any changes in the transaction is a problem.

also met with several swindlers. I do not say the specific, and we want to support the original, I hope friends in the transaction process, pay attention to the transaction, do not let the liar!

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