The financial crisis has been raging in the world for more than a year, since more than a year, many enterprises in the storm uncertainty may be the financial turmoil under market turmoil in the boat at any time, how to market economy for enterprises to obtain the way to become among the most small and medium-sized enterprises the main topic of concern.

down more than a year, some wise always pay attention to market small business owners have found a bolt, when the market economy is generally affected by the financial crisis, the injured is the smallest e-commerce module, and in some industries, but there is a gradual increase of the situation, which makes many enterprises feel at least, this is unbelievable, a little bit of information was collected on the accumulation of business owners, the heart, and some of the more daring enterprises have to use directly in the hands, the final cost pressure in the e-commerce module above the last chance of life for the enterprise. Today, the industry also generally believe that e-commerce has become the following games of these enterprises, after the video with a life-saving straw.

with this momentum continues, small and medium-sized enterprises to e-commerce as an important chip enterprise from it, and in fact, e-commerce can make good leaders of small and medium sized enterprises under the financial crisis, will leave for the small and medium-sized enterprise financial crisis whirlpool make great contribution.

[responsible editor Yang Xiaodong]

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