double 11 promotional activities approaching, the national development and Reform Commission, the price supervision and inspection and antitrust bureau on the 3 day to regulate the behavior of online retail prices, issued a reminder to the network retail business.

on regulating the behavior of online retail price reminder (summary)

online retail companies by

2015 "double 11" double 12 promotion approaches, to regulate the online retail market price order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, according to the "People’s Republic of China price", "price violations penalties", "on the goods and services to the provisions stated price", "Prohibition of price fraud" and other legal provisions regulations, the NDRC price supervision and Anti Monopoly Bureau as follows: remind

, a service provided in the network marketing of goods and shall, with the store, the price tag consciously in accordance with the law. The price should be true and clear, clear and eye-catching, price changes should be adjusted in a timely manner. Not outside the increase in the price of goods sold, shall not charge any fees not specified.

two, the prohibition of the use of false or misleading price or price means to deceive, induce consumers to trade, focusing on preventing the following price violations:

fictitious original price, the original price tag is false, fabricated, not the first seven days before the promotion of the lowest transaction price, or never had a record. In the sale of goods not to carry out promotional activities, shall not use the original price, the original price, the transaction price and other similar concepts.

(two) prior to the sale of goods and services, price commitments, non performance or incomplete performance.

(three) false discount, the price before the discount or through the actual transaction price and discount rate calculated before the discount price higher than the original price.

(four) use "only today" "today’s special" "tomorrow price" and other false language or other deceptive, misleading language, words, pictures, etc..

(five) claimed that the "special offer" clearing price and the lowest of the whole network "and" market price "and" factory price "and" zero profit ", but the price that is not true and accurate, no basis or no comparison.

(six) used to carry out promotional activities in comparison with other operators or other sales formats to carry out promotional activities, did not accurately indicate the meaning of the comparative price, or the price is not based on the source.

(seven) the sale of goods or services, at a low price to attract customers, the settlement at a high price.

(eight) when selling goods or providing services with additional conditions, the price is not marked or marked additional conditions.

(nine) take the price of gift sales of goods and provide services, the number of names, as it marked the gift, or the gift for counterfeit goods.

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