recently, I participated in a forum, the theme is B2B will usher in the second spring. The "Internet of things, payment flow, data management, user import and so on concept, perhaps this to the general commodity B2B. But the author is engaged in commodity e-commerce operations is another scene.

iron and steel, for example, the current major domestic steel electricity supplier platform is divided into second parties and most of the third party. Second party iron and steel electronic business platform is basically a large steel mills or traders to establish their own, in order to expand the breadth and depth of their own sales channels for the highest purpose of the system. And the real can be achieved by the actual online trading platform for the third party, such as steel steel electric network, etc., but less and less.

second party electricity supplier platform for steel, there is a lack of this innate, or short board system. That is, mutual exclusion between platforms. For example, Baosteel’s electricity supplier platform Dongfang iron and steel online, it is difficult to integrate into other steel resources; similarly, other steel mills will not enter the Baosteel trading system. Conflicts of interest, leading to the contradiction can not be reconciled. You can even say, Baosteel’s electric business platform provider, and can only have the resources in the system of baosteel. It is the product of a single problem, there is no way to completely solve. There is an extreme point of view, such second party electronic business platform, known as B2B, not as B2C.

steel steel network, said the third party steel electricity supplier platform, there is no need to face these second party platform for resource management, payment issues, logistics warehousing, credit mechanism, and so on.

first, resource management. Because the third party platform is the number of sellers and buyers in many centralized trading platform, the seller is not fully, it is difficult to standardize the management, and the current search technology is difficult to accurately convert every kind of resource price analysis in place, into the platform the listing system. This leads to a very chaotic resource quotes. But if the second party platform, the user must upload format according to the standard price, and due to the actual situation of the current steel industry trade market.

secondly, the payment problem. And Taobao, Jingdong trading platform on the electricity supplier of goods, commodities are basically large transactions, involving less than about one hundred thousand of the money, more than a few million. This is determined by the nature of the commodity. At present, China’s third party payment platform can effectively solve the bulk payment problems, mainly in: 1, joint banks overall is still less than normal, 2, now more than T+1 model cannot be accepted by the market.

again, warehousing logistics. Warehousing and logistics, e-commerce has been a big problem. The industry has a question to reflect this point of contact, is the achievement of Taobao express or express the achievements of Taobao". The author believes that the two are at least interdependent relationship, support each other, promote each other, are indispensable. For commodities, the simple express does not solve the problem, its transport needs trucks, trains and ships, etc.. This will result in a product sales

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