January 25th, DotAsia Vice President Joe Jing said in an interview with reporters, the registration bureau will be part of the show star.Asia domain name, and this concept is extended to India, Japan, Korea and other places.

Joe honorifics, Registration Bureau launched the giveaway is the online brand protection awareness to enhance celebrities, this will receive.Asia of the domain name is surreal "home and everything of the Olympic Games, I love you" and Guo Da A Duo, the official website of the boys after more than 30 entertainment stars and athletes.

, according to Qiao Jing introduced, DotAsia recently assisted the latest movie "Yangtze River seven" made.Asia related domain names, the future will continue to promote this concept in India, Japan, Korea and other places in the future.

according to Joe king said, currently registered nets.Asia was slightly higher than that of the new network, the era of the Internet and other domestic domain registrar.

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