is the most expensive car in the world, I call "shopping cart", "double eleven" on the same day to cut the hand of the party who can smoothly complete the payment, fast falls the car for the "yesterday, Alipay launched the" Tmall double 11 recharge Alipay pumping red "campaign, consumers not only have the chance to get the highest 100 yuan" double eleven "shopping envelopes, but also get the speed smooth payment experience, it is understood that these envelopes totaled 2 million 360 thousand, the total amount reached 20 million 500 thousand yuan.

from the beginning of 2009, the annual November 11th shopping Carnival has become businessmen and friends of the festival, but also to the outbreak of such short-term sales payment, logistics and three party service providers to bring the test. It is understood that in order to meet the double eleven this year, banks have been carefully prepared for months, and system capacity will be doubled in the last year based on double eleven, and from the beginning of August was nearly 300 times higher pressure simulation test, thanks to the joint efforts of all parties, the ability to support this year will reach eleven double pay 60 thousand pen / sec, protect the user free without pay.

however, "double eleven" such a huge consumer holiday worldwide is second to none, in order to reduce the pressure of bank system, prevent individual banking channels in a burst of peak, Alipay also encourage users to use the Alipay advance recharge, balance, or Yu Ebao to chant the ant take payment, plus a payment guarantee smooth.

According to Alipay

event page introduction, in November 8th to November 10th, to Alipay in single recharge over 100 yuan, have the opportunity to extract the amount of 5 yuan to 100 yuan a red envelope. Non balance treasure users to Alipay in the balance after successful recharge, can obtain the lottery qualification; the balance of treasure users to success and view the tips, can get sweepstakes eligibility, can pay in the double eleven shopping and can earn income, spending money two. The red envelopes can be used to double the eleven day of Tmall and Taobao shopping consumption. When using the computer to pay, get red envelopes users can choose to use 11 pairs of red envelopes for deduction; in the mobile phone and other wireless side payment, the system will automatically use the double red envelopes for the deduction of the 11. It is understood that the activities of each user can draw up to 2 red envelopes.

has the opportunity to extract the red envelopes, advance prepaid Alipay, users can get the speed and smooth payment experience. The annual double 11 period, the face of numerous hand chop party crazy panic buying, to ensure the payment smoothly, is the first appeal to many users. Advance recharge Alipay, to avoid other payment channel congestion at the day of payment, payment more smoothly.





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