last year (2015) of China’s electricity supplier of agricultural products showed the government to promote and market to promote the "double feature", on the one hand, the government to promote the development of China’s rural electricity supplier, the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of finance, Poverty Alleviation Office, State Administration for Industry and commerce, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the China Banking Regulatory Commission and other more than and 10 ministries issued more than and 50 file. On the other hand, under the drive of the market, Ali, Suning, Jingdong and other large enterprises to enter the rural areas, "two super – strong – small" electricity supplier of agricultural products market structure, make the rural electricity supplier, electricity supplier of agricultural products, agricultural electricity supplier by the blue ocean into the Red Sea, and the convergence of investment, homogenization serious embarrassment the situation, the industry believes that the electricity supplier has agriculture into the blowout period.

then in the blowout period, facing the plight of thousands of network side, and what is the new idea of agricultural development of the electricity supplier? To deep "Internet plus agriculture" must be all-round development, in this regard, the industry believes that the members CEO Jing Gang, "Internet plus agriculture", or that the Internet is not only the development of agriculture, rural electricity but the traditional agriculture is agricultural Internet electricity supplier, but can not fit the inherent requirements of China economic development, especially in the background of agricultural supply side reforms, it is difficult to achieve the agricultural economic development model transformation and upgrading. Thus, want to do a good job of agricultural business, must try to achieve innovation from the source.

in agricultural enterprise member Internet network as an example, it is for agriculture, agricultural ecological agricultural comprehensive service platform of the Internet, through the power of the Internet and big data, promote agricultural production of green health products more and better, and get a good income; so that consumers are inside the city can enjoy more more high-quality green health products. For consumers, it has links to national high quality farm APP members exchange, allow consumers to directly face the farmer, and the agricultural products Goods are available in all varieties. idle away in seeking pleasure, have higher brand effect, which is to say the farmer for agricultural products or farm activities and responsible for their endorsement. Through these appearances, it is not difficult to see that the members of the exchange to the city consumers to convey a slow life style and the spirit of the spirit of similar craftsmen. This is the author believes that the biggest innovation, not only to provide agricultural electricity supplier of agricultural products, but also to convey their cultural feelings, which is undoubtedly the process of branding.

I concluded that the future of agricultural electricity providers may be the following two new ideas and trends:

accelerate the transformation and upgrading of agricultural electricity supplier business

agricultural electricity supplier companies, including agricultural enterprises and rural cooperative organizations should actively participate in the transformation and upgrading. Various types of commercial enterprises (enterprises, supporting enterprises electricity supplier transactions electricity supplier, electricity supplier, derivative enterprises) all types of business entities, rural cooperative organizations, family farms, leading enterprises, enterprises and cooperative organizations should vigorously develop O2O mode innovation, promote the business with the traditional entity industry O2O integrated development, to avoid the "two skins" or conflict with each other.

multi function trend "

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