this is the most basic problem of learning attitude, do not respect.

reminiscent of many forum stressed the rules for questions: "respect other people’s time and bandwidth" in question before their first take some time to search and study. The same problem is likely to have been asked many times before, readily available and ready-made answers. Don’t be self-centered, others for you to answer questions need to consume time and resources".

and "modesty makes people progress" principle for any domain knowledge learners are not entirely applicable, because not well-known eager to answer will not pay attention to the answers, so too snobbish attitude always help us enhance the professional skills, in fact, in real life, often gives people the biggest help and not a celebrity and leadership, which is the common people of our own, those who blindly take celebrities and leadership people are very despise

in fact, love Shanghai know the program also repeatedly prompts users to search for answers from your answer may. It can not only make you can get help in time, can effectively reduce the website similar duplicate content pages, save the time to answer questions. In the love of Shanghai know "chain" is not possible, so the same problems also appear constantly, really let people Speechless.

questions from the perspective, the reason more people are not willing to search for answers, largely because the majority said homogenization phenomenon is serious, and don’t know how to answer the question level. Therefore, although most people know that the industry well-known master in these few places appear, but still continue to put forward new problems repeatedly, with a bit of luck would like to be well-known industry experts specifically targeted guidance of authority.

recently I love Shanghai in question know less and less, because all the "love Shanghai why not included my website, keywords ranking how to do" and "love Shanghai why not update the snapshot, such had already been answered repeated N times, even if it’s just such a problem copy the answer before he also need time. If you cannot see the latest web site and search engine from Shanghai dragon, not in answering questions, to enrich themselves, to find good pleasure, this time I do not have to exercise.

But the problem is ?

, including the Shanghai dragon, the vast majority of the industry are like Shanghai Longfeng, sing the same old song, is the original content, the construction of the chain, very few a few strokes: the station optimization is key to long-term unremittingly the structure of the site, as long as you stick to it, and it will make my way. The most professional website, the forum has the answers — if the same questions too much in pursuit of this answer was new in order to be different, the surface is not the be not of the common sort, Zhuo, but such words often have dubious wisdom. If you really make the Phoenix site in Shanghai, is likely to be misleading.

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