Shanghai SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION English dragon, is the abbreviation of. With the domestic Shanghai dragon training market has become more and more popular, I believe many of my friends in Shanghai Longfeng no longer feel strange and confused. It is perhaps margin and the Internet, 08 years after a recruitment inadvertently entered a well-known large-scale network company for enterprise promotion consultants began with the Internet the indissoluble bound, in the end of 08 and in a chat first heard of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, first heard can be achieved using natural ranking algorithm. Since the indissoluble bound and the Shanghai dragon and the Internet, Shanghai dragon began looking for relevant information, slowly to Shanghai dragon deeply fascinated, imperceptibly spent three years with the Shanghai dragon of the time.

tidal Shanghai Longfeng gave up sixty taking the nickname "Du new stone", why? First, taking up sixty Du and stone is a public communication platform. Second, taking up sixty Du forum is not met by several friends created. These characteristics are very similar and the SEO forum.

tidal Shanghai dragon after a contact, found one of the founders of the dumplings, he made a brief introduction to the creation of business ideas and process sixty Du pendulum. Dumplings, just to create a Shanghai dragon group, can be devoted to the study of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon do some experiments, and some new friends to share knowledge. And then a dragon in Shanghai on the QQ group chat more good friends, said the idea, he is taking another founder pendulum sixty Du, snow leopard. Later, with a two level domain and a space to build a forum. Because there are 360 words in the domain name, so think of three hundred and sixty degrees, but then again, this name is too tacky, with the name "homophonic, taking up sixty.". As for the two level domain problems, dumplings are also made to explain. Because of lack of funds, the forum has just opened, so the first with a two level domain name, after the popular development, a good domain name.

recently, the tide of Shanghai dragon heard a friend say, after years of domestic institutions and there is a stone similar, called Shang pendulum sixty Du Shanghai dragon forum. According to friends, taking up sixty crossing is composed of a QQ group of several Shanghai dragon enthusiasts Shanghai dragon group established forum. Because the two founders of one in Shandong, one in Guangdong, so take two place short, called Shandong Guangdong team.

said the Shanghai dragon, and many tidal Shanghai dragon the same time contact Shanghai dragon friends should have heard of a public welfare team "Shanghai dragon stone interaction". SEO forum is a sponsor of Robin, Zac and stone Xiaopeng, several each other has not met Shanghai dragon enthusiasts founded. It should be said that many of the original Shanghai dragon tide Shanghai dragon knowledge from stone forum.


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