1, from the webmaster statistics or love Shanghai related search keywords, find out what you think the flow more, and then after you update the keywords in this paper focus on strengthening the anchor point to the home a lot of work, increase the frequency of keywords in the title or content, over time, the search engine will gradually focus moved to the anchor text keywords. This is the station anchor text.


we do stand inside or outside the station anchor text anchor text or do Links, generally we link our main keywords are keyword optimization, link text all point to the site of the primary key, the general goal of the website keywords in 1-3 (Shanghai dragon basic), so all point to this 1-3 want to optimize keywords in anchor text link or friendship.

3, similarly, Links can change your keywords optimization. But I think the effect of keywords Links compared to the anchor text should be smaller, but the personal feeling.

optimization method:

do not know if you can understand what I’m saying, summed up in one sentence: don’t give your website set too many target keywords, you can at any time by adjusting the station or outside the station anchor text keywords or Links to appropriate control >

slightly understand Shanghai Longfeng webmaster know, keywords station or outside the station anchor text link or Links on the website ranking is very favorable, the anchor text link or Links is recognized as an important parameter affecting the website ranking, so we often say to do link anchor text or friendship work. When we will target a web site keywords optimization up, through the webmaster statistics you will find that there may be many other keyword search to flow, rather than directly to your target keywords, the keywords may be a combination of word segmentation, when you find this situation, you can optimize. In other words.

2, outside the station anchor text, similarly, the keywords you want to optimize point to your home page, especially some text you send to highlight the key words.

website optimization webmaster or do I believe have experienced such a thinking, that is how I turn my website all related keywords are optimal up? I believe that the thinking of everyone, because more keywords optimization up means you get more traffic and wealth. But we say that the title of a web site are generally not too many words, general 1-3 is the most appropriate, too many keyword search engines but displayed here, also on behalf of a search engine can not see. We often see some sites set up N keywords to the title, the title of the text that the browser is very long and are not displayed, in fact need not do so today are going to talk about is how to solve this problem, the title keyword 1-3, but we want more relevant keywords are.

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