to design a framework, says bluntly: is according to the user we give steps, methods, techniques, format, to write, to release information about the supply and demand information; and to the top in the most conspicuous place, allowing users to see at a glance; you can also publish news system, so that all users can >

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so far, Shanghai has been in a fight with low quality content sites, including B2B sites accounted for the majority of many B2B sites of supply and demand information are of poor quality, has nothing to do with the love of "Shanghai search quality white paper. Especially some sites at the age of 2 years, this part of the site because of the quality of the content in the website weight up and down, the weight is not stable, and when the weight reaches a certain bottleneck can not break. Some time ago, there was a B2B webmaster to come to consult the A5 marketing of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/) service, probably looked at the site, the site is good, structure and page optimization is also good, but some details do not just; look around the site overall weight, weight between 2-3; when after I open the supply and demand information section of the page, see a lot of information quality is low. I asked him why not low quality content audit refused? He said: "if rejecting these spam. These people may not again release, we operate the site is to make money, someone to send information is good, so I can not deny it".

is the webmaster said very in principle, who do not want to make money, but money is the premise of the website optimization, website to the correct operation of the track, late to use the site to earn more money. So, it is said, but the words are wrong, after all, our website had to rely on search engines to crawl. Moreover, the purpose is to let the search engine only after the show included content can effectively help users; if included show after there is no help no demand content information to the user, the content included more will not bring any effect to the site weight. To understand: the collection is not the more the better, but more effective included. Unless you don’t want to rely on search engines love Shanghai! Therefore, B2B webmaster want to solve the problem of supply and demand of quality content, we must come up with a way out. For example: to design a framework that allows users in accordance with the framework we give to the operation of the implementation of

B2B site, only let the webmaster headache is the supply and demand of users to publish content, why? Because the content by original or collection, later sites have weights only rely on users to publish information on supply and demand. But the difficulty in this period, the content of the later is often the owners cannot control the users, so the quality of the content may not be so good, some only write a title product pictures, some only a way of contact and the name of the company, more just write a few words. In the face of such a supply and demand information, let the webmaster B2B too much to handle

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