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we as a webmaster, will check every day of our Links, to see if there is no punishment, or other links have to link the factory, this link is very harmful to us, my Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog before a certain period of time is due to the friendship connection, resulting in my my home page is K, after treatment, after fourth days in Shanghai to our homepage put out, so we must pay attention to the details on this, as the saying goes, carefully make the boat.

seven update site long time not updated

if your site is due to the cause of the snapshot back to file, do not say you know how to deal with it, after all, cheating is not a long way, if you have the technique of cheating can not know, look at this black hat tactics, how much do you know?, hope to help everyone.

we will ensure our quality of each article, don’t go directly copied from the Internet, this article has been reproduced on the Internet, the user is not love like this, then the search engine is not the same love of this article. It is recommended that you write in to try to write, use your own words to express, so the user will love our article.

two server factorsA lot of

five Links implicated

we need to determine a good route to development of our website early in the site, to avoid later don’t make large changes, or great influence, even if is the need for a cycle.

I have a small, it is basically a Wednesday article about, now a few months did not update the article. "


in that website snapshot yesterday in the analysis mentioned eight possible reasons to website snapshot, see a lot of friends in asking so these problems, how to solve it? How to solve today Wuhan Shanghai dragon and discuss the next snapshot after.

many friends do Shanghai Longfeng optimization only with their own mood to work, may be a good mood today, made a 300-400 link, it may not, as is often the case for our website harm, imagine who would love a work is not practical, do not do today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow may do then, the search engine is not love, so we send the number of the chain must be stable increase.

three website

six increase in the chain of unstable

The number of This

site because the server is not stable factors, lead to our website snapshot, this we must pay attention to the early in the site, would rather spend more money, also do not use unstable space, or to bring our website is a great disservice.

four quality

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