1, the keywords you want to check the degree of competition, for example, you want to do a "virtual machine", but you probably don’t end the "virtual host" of the word as the target of the web site keywords, because it is almost an impossible thing. If you finally found the term "virtual host agent" is good, and the selected, then, how would you like to check again the word level of competition, but also look at the relevant keywords the keywords, can on the basis of relatively easy to set the site columns.

with these preconditions, we begin to choose, at the same time, to be a good website column, is related to the key words:

first or simply say a few principles selected these keywords:

, the 1 to have a certain amount of search keywords. In fact, it is easy to understand, only the words have a certain amount of search, when we will do the words in front of the search results are meaningful, if the word is not what, even if you are very easy to use it to the front, how can it, or you can’t create what value. So, the word search volume is the premise of the choice of words. And how many specific search volume is a worthy operation of the word, this is a vague question, mainly depends on your needs and skills, generally speaking, Shanghai love index below two hundred or three hundred words, choose to prudent, because you may not easy to operate and make up the meaning is not great. How to determine the specific indicators, can refer to an article.

in the previous article, I judge on how to determine the keywords and keyword competition degree to make a statement, today we say that in the understanding of the keywords competition degree, how to select the target keywords to your site.

2, the degree of competition in general. This is not hard to understand, can’t let you choose the word competition is too strong, although some word search volume is not large, but the competition is very strong, you should pay attention to the selection, such words can say, you will have a little The loss outweighs the gain.. Especially the resources at hand is not very rich novice webmaster, more to choose keywords very careful, you do a three months or less than you can do top keywords choose a year have had the opportunity to do better search. However a large amount of multi word effect, and this will increase your you know, confidence, confidence is very important.

2, examine the relevant keywords, fixed column. The website column, the best should be related to site keywords, this can serve to promote each other. Of course, we can’t finish.


, there are 3 related long tail keywords. In fact, this is not accurate, but if you understand it. That is to say, the word of your choice, is not isolated, not to find related words, it is best to find a few amount of similar meaning and related search keywords, so you can settle down easily, and determine the section of the web site.

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