recently their Inside Search Blog Lists improved in March 2012:


noble baby every hour and moment a variety of small improvements.

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"+" began as an ordinary character to treat, with%, @, , # symbols like these. As the search had before the plus operator to see, but now is not, unless you used to the math formula to modify the password you need to log out of all the noble baby service, including the search shows the sports score better, including tennis, hockey and Russian Champions League when using mobile phone search the application, search results will list your current mobile phone operating system, for example, you use Android to search Angry Birds, will not list the iOS version of the results. In addition to rich text summarization of the search results more abundant, including quality, Star News and so on the download button OneBox will appear more frequently, relevance ranking of search pictures in search results and source sites are enhanced, want to use the "noble baby bomb" change a word image search results more difficult

Valley Austria


Via TC

noble baby +1 buttons on the more domain name and state search resultsThe

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