webmaster will say, I had to do well enough, are also very hard, love Shanghai is not included or included too little, not to mention the second, ah, do not know if you noticed your website program, now mostly webmaster website program is online download, download good blindly build station, if you are under the template program for spiders is not friendly enough, which is a good reason for not included. Even leave dark chain in the website source code, so the takings, so everyone in the choice of site source as far as possible to upload the test.

three: a stable increase of the high quality chain (remember the chain group is not available.)

we all know that a link is also linked to friends, but friendship belongs to the quality one of the highest in the outer link, is far from enough of course we do friends chain links, we also want to do high quality, what is the high quality of the chain, in fact, a lot of Online said. Here I will not say what, in fact contribute with links to A5, the effect is very good, high weight reproduced is needless to say, the absolute cattle.

two: one day a Links

everyone! This is my site to do the second included screenshots, as to how I do that? Here to share some of my experience with you:

whether new or old station, server stability instability is the fundamental of a web site. As a new sites, if space is often not open, can not open the spider a few times a few times, then it will think your site is still under construction, which will ignore your website. There is a website open speed, if a site open to take a few minutes will you wait? I think most people will not wait, let alone a spider.

four: use the web bookmarks

as a new site, in the absence of any weight and ranking, even without the case, we can find some high weight Links to bring with us, this effect will be very obvious, how to find the high quality chain, this is going to be your own way, you you can buy some of the regular high quality friend chain, remember if normal, if you think you speak good words, can also go to the platform to find links, oh. Here is a point we must pay attention to, is not a link to find a lot of friends, because it is easy to find the love of Shanghai, to think that you are cheating, the best is two days a day, or a line.

website source problemSome


: a stable space

on the one hand, you may have to ignore it, it can also count on a chain, especially love Shanghai collections, the effect of good (at least I have little effect Oh), you can try. I will give you unexpected results.


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