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here is love Shanghai Webmaster Platform community moderator Lao Lu of the article, a detailed description of the reason why the index volume will decline, and given a solution, is every webmaster read it again.


in addition, add a code " space service providers in.Htaccess file; deny from" space set. This code is to prevent malicious web site traffic. I query, the IP address may be love Shanghai spiders, don’t know when taking to help me if there is a malicious access flow shielding considering these factors.

down before the first of several basic knowledge.

index and the amount collected in the sea of love? Shanghai index is love Shanghai spiders to crawl web content search of candidate pages, these pages are the future candidate to increase website included and update web page snapshot must have. Love the sea index query in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform background, the amount included in the direct use of site: (domain name)

love the sea index is every webmaster are very concerned about the index of the amount of data, how much love in Shanghai think this page ranking data. Check the index data in Shanghai Webmaster Platform this morning, let me be startled at, index decreased by 588 overnight, from 1187 to 599. Of course, in this process, I saw the love Shanghai statistics background background traffic does not reduce the signs in the data. Love according to Shanghai’s official statement, the owners do not care too much.

index is the base of the latter, each change index data have struck a webmaster sensitive nerve, "after the index decreased how analysis has been a hot topic to discuss. The webmaster > Agency

love what is the sea index index? Love Shanghai is the number of page love Shanghai spiders crawl the site;

In the discussion of


index will decline substantially, this Zhu Haitao is not professional. Read an article webmaster community moderator Lao Lu, a fairly detailed analysis. Contrast, the only possibility is that the robots.txt file. A few days ago I was in a total increase of robots.txt files " Disallow: *" / *?, all containing a question mark banned included links, to shield the dynamic link.


anyway, be safe, still need to go to the webmaster feedback center to feedback problems. When the webmaster feedback attention described clearly, and screenshots illustrate the problem. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform complaint feedback address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/feedback


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