just at the end of the Alibaba network business conference, the new retail, IP integration has become the new network era keywords". By the end of June, snack chains, "leading", "good" shop also join the super constellation IP uncle, opened a gourmet leisure life museum. Earlier, in early 2017, the nut electricity supplier brand three squirrels resolutely joined the film and television ingredients in their business territory, the establishment of squirrel entertainment.

Wang Biao to the new grass consumption for example, with the previous Chaohuo industry, we fight all your seeds, nuts are delicious, or the entire supply chain is not complete, products come from, it is not cheap? But three squirrels from traditional industry to A new force suddenly rises. roasted, precisely because it is produced in different in addition to these dimensions, quality, products, prices do better on the other.

, behind these new retail companies initiatives, seems to have a common point: the new retail +IP hides vast opportunities.

"for 90 or 95 later said, Nike, Adidas, MIZUNO, the brand seems to have no essential difference, if they can’t have suitable for this age better recognition, so the homogenization appeared."

2017, new retail restructuring, raging like a storm, in the field of goods, and people gradually become the core driving factors, especially with the aid of the IP image to drive the user potential consumer groups, the retail companies became more and more consensus.

cut new retail from IP?

from three squirrel squirrel to do entertainment, Ichiban shop, his uncle collaborated on snacks Museum experience, in the eyes of twelve cultural founder Wang Biao, they are facing a same trend, it is only by category, channels to capture consumers in the era of slowly past, consumer facing the homogenization of the problem more and more serious.


by the end of 2011, "changed the password" became a popular online greeting. The origin of the matter is, in December 21, 2011, the country’s largest programmer community website CSDN was burst out, more than 6 million users of the registration information was leaked. Then there is news that a web site user information was leaked, so many sites to remind registered users, modify the login password as soon as possible, especially in different sites registered account, do not use the same password, to prevent hackers to crack.
the password crisis triggered a discussion of the IT sector: those in the virtual world of the Internet personal information how to protect? In the eyes of many experts, the password leak is torture China’s Internet security.

, founder of twelve cultures, Wang Biao,

Why does

to solve the homogenization, both in product, price or quality, are still not quick adjustment and distinction, additional content value in the product, activation of the corresponding consumer groups, into this stage more strategic choice.

recently, the twelve cultures touched by the weed Lord is a company that focuses on IP incubation operations. Speaking of twelve culture, many people may not be familiar, but Long Yan girl, small dumpling, refrigeration zombies and other popular WeChat expression package, you can use almost every day.

1 serious homogenization of products

however, in twelve, the culture of the IP layout, WeChat expression package is just a prelude, how will the fans behind the IP potential and new retail deep bite, the personality of this dimension into the industrial chain, it is currently an important breakthrough.

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