is the second operation and management right, a powerful website, if nobody goes to the operation and management of it will become a waste site, gradually disappear in our sight, this case is very much, such as last year a webmaster for personal reasons no time to take care of the website, today query his website that has been open, had his personal Webmaster Station traffic, this is the second, and the article is included after the row on the home page, the weight is relatively high, but the latter ignored management, advertising, multi link, the quality of website content gradually decreased. The weight drop comparison leads to a lot of keywords ranking no, once lost the keywords ranking, so visitors on a >

is the first high weight, they are search engine trust website, spiders may crawl in them every hour and moment, the weight of the high site included speed is very fast, a lot of content will be the second charge state, such as we are familiar with the A5 station network, the article sent out soon to check the moreover, some keywords ranking is good, this is the characteristic weight high website have. But we can’t deny that a high weight website is over from the railway station, the transition stage is very difficult, the chain is certainly unavoidable, with today’s brilliant, must have the pain of the past, so we can’t just look at the surface.

but in the optimization process, we often study competitor’s website found that they did not do the chain or chain do very little, but the ranking is very good, often it will let many novice puzzled, that the search engine is not fair, their every day outside the chain of hair hand cramps. The station also carried out simultaneously, ranking but always spell but others. In fact, through careful analysis we will find that these sites have a common characteristic, they are some of the weight of relatively high site, one of their articles may be able to make access to the keywords ranking. Why not have the weight back analysis site outside the chain keywords can also do well.

as everyone knows, Shanghai, the two most important is the content and the chain, this is the webmaster friends verified from the fact that this is a day of Shanghai dragon the key content, text editing and publishing, building standing outside the chain is essential. A website, if only through the station to update the contents, not to send the chain, may have the effect, perhaps slowly will have but the keywords ranking, the effect will be very slow, even if it is a high quality original content, the beginning did not trust, search engine may not to grasp; and stations do not update the chain only from the start, to bring the site keywords ranking, but we found that the ranking is not stable, may make up some competitive keywords is relatively small, a little hot point there is no way to do, or make up is very unstable. Competitors can easily be squeezed down, this is the site updated and the importance of the chain, only both simultaneously, to make site optimization do better.

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