June 13~6 30: ranking

the most important thing is to let us every day promotion personnel understand their own what to do, not as busy as before have no idea, after one thing, just half a day, what I want to do next, to this heart, work efficiency is improved. I will give you this time to bask in the May 30th to June 10th promotion program, for your reference:

3. the chain included: double chain (833à 1600)

, a promotion goal: May 30~6 month 10 included:

, allowing them to improve website, do website optimization. After the layout is good, now the most important thing is to look at a few of our staff promotion efforts. No rules no Cheng Fangyuan, so I wrote this plan, we provided half a month to do what position, included how much, how many outside the chain, then put this as a performance appraisal, let everyone have a strong sense of crisis, truly realizes the importance of work.

I’m on my team every day

believe you webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er foreign chain point are not unfamiliar, because every day we deal with them, has the effect can not be estimated to improve the chain website weight, I believe that many webmaster friends to exchange Links, will look at his chain of strength is not strong, the existence of a lot of junk chain. My site in April to May this period of time, the chain is also in the daily growth, but the speed is relatively slow, this time is not very seriously, perhaps because I am not a bit exaggerated, myself. I was in May to take over the site, I remember very clearly, the chain is only more than 100, we mean the director want me to take this team to bring up, because few existing staff really understand Shanghai dragon people, even it can be said that no one is a deep understanding of Shanghai dragon Er really do what.

4. Links: 10× 3+10× 2=50

1. stable snapshot: the latest

a pressing matter of the moment, the employees are one by one training, let them understand the meaning of Shanghai dragon, and began to work, I made the corresponding task, before the end of June, two editors must have completed 15 daily articles published 30 pieces a day, a month is 600 I have no rules about the amount included in their articles, because I know that in the weight of the website did not mention it before, it is difficult to ensure the amount included.


– > SMS

At the same time I communicate and technical departments of

– SMS: love Shanghai before the 5 page

2. station included: Breakthrough 200 (75+30× 10× 70%=285)

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