2: website content

what is the site observation period, this is actually a kind of search engine algorithm love Shanghai unique, popular will love Shanghai included in the website will carry out a series of observations on the website. What love Shanghai during this period in the observation of what? Oh, the main observation or your web server is stable, the website is updated every day, website content is acquisition or repetition. The general observation period in 15 days, 30 days, during this period of time if the site is updated daily, your server is stable, the basic passed, this is when you’re waiting for love to Shanghai every day included in your

1: the site may be in the observation period of

this is because of what? I have ever met this kind of problem, was also quite upset, because at home have been collected for several days and the content page page is not included but also really a little flustered. Then I analyze the reason why love Shanghai not included suddenly Huanran Dawu, I had to fill in the content of the page on each page is added the same text (a product description, here is not to say, in order to avoid the suspicion of AD) is this text me the page is in love with the sea was mistaken for the contents of all repeat, so not to be included, after the discovery of my time has been improved, not the second day Shanghai surprise, just a collection of more than 20 pages. So the similar problems must be combined with their own website to make analysis and rapid correction.


3: the home page was collected and the page has not included

4: the chain number >.

although the search engine station number has been very rich, but the main source of traffic or rely on love Shanghai, the author has done statistics, in the same case of Google keyword ranking and love Shanghai and search more traffic sources are generally love percentage, Shanghai accounted for 60%, accounted for 30% of Google search and only about 10% of the way so, the main center of our office in Shanghai Longfeng fell in love with the sea. But many webmaster met the new station after the submission of love Shanghai has not included the situation, look at Google and other search engines are increasing in number, while Shanghai has a love not included, this is exactly the reason why? Today a fish to give you an analysis of the reasons, we hope to useful!

love Shanghai recently strengthened the collection site scrutiny if you stand from the beginning collection content does not do a little modification will result in Shanghai not included the phenomenon of love. But in addition to website content without significance and other reasons can cause not included. Remember that day the update is not the amount less, as long as the pseudo original or original articles, even if you just update 5 articles that day than you collected 50 articles as the strong. To facilitate collection of words, the best content page generating static, because you know, oh, if the best total static conditions.

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