second, on site analysis. Here, two aspects should. One is the analysis of the data type. For example, the bounce rate of statistical tools, the bounce rate is closely related to the quality of. Let every one of your friends can happily write comments published.

so, what is the carved beams, carved beams why our energy when? Where?

is talking about this issue, because I see a lot of friends in Shanghai dragon in the early work after confusion. The general problem is that when the website ranking is excellent and stable after, if we continue to send the chain such as when, for Links, write text, blog, etc. of the chain work continue to invest? Here, the author’s view is that the soil base is precious, carved beams of higher price. During this period, the chain work should gradually decrease, rather than investment and now even more than the current energy level.

first, focus on the user experience. We should put more effort in the user experience, user experience is the focus of our next step. Do not pay attention to user experience, optimize and upgrade will continue to be a source of water, without trees. The author has optimized the website of retail companies of the township. At that time, I think the chain is the most important, most should devote their efforts to work. Of course, do so early in the. But when arrived early, I still put a lot of effort, still focus on the "base". Because at that time that the keywords go up, the chain is becoming more and more important, I try to do more chain. When the chain is more and more retail companies website ranking, but one day. The more the chain, down more quickly, both the odd negative correlation. I carefully analyze the reasons, the key is the bounce rate in Shanghai love for the investigation of the user experience, PV, etc.. In fact, there are still many websites can maintain better, the user experience to do the best. But a lot of excellent workers in Shanghai Longfeng, I continue to base soil was similar, do not think the misunderstanding of carved beams. After an article written, not too much communication; no comment, interactive information, or slow update. And so on, are the bottleneck of website development. The key of the user experience, to sum up in a word, is "interactive". The interaction is to do the maintenance of the website is a good atmosphere, dare to write on their website, and friends responsible attitude. This kind of attitude, is the premise of the user experience.

to create a website, like building a beautiful pavilion. Nine of the units, from the base soil. Each Shanghai dragon friends will experience a hard start, focus on pushing forward despite repeated frustrations, the chain work period. During this period, is the basis of the work, is the "base soil". "The soil base" to a certain time, when he started the "superstructure" arrangement, the author tentatively called carved beams". Today, I will talk about the "base" to "carved beams" process, to rank increased after the focus of.

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