will have what effect? Two, Although The strategy of globalization will make

we give an example to illustrate this possibility, we optimize the business English is Google, many domestic companies will undertake Google, we search for a keyword, ranking domestic companies with foreign company website are often appear in the Google site.

so we turn to look at once love Shanghai, love Shanghai to go abroad, some foreign companies to expand their business to Chinese, is bound by the love of Shanghai Chinese largest search engine promotion platform, Shanghai dragon Er face not just is the domestic competition.

the time back in January of this year, love Shanghai International Building in Shenzhen foundation, the building is conducive to the strategic development of Southeast Shanghai to love the window.

regardless of whether Shanghai love internationalization, his search engine ranking technology are constantly improving, in order to search demand closer to the user, but the international strategy will form a global technology atmosphere, let love Shanghai search technology in this way, love the sea benefit by mutual discussion, ranking technology is more advanced, but it is also a double-edged the sword, because the Shanghai dragon Er, yet there are still a lot of walking edge ball model to optimize means people with perfect piece of technology, love Shanghai more stringent requirements on the ranking will be eliminated, part of the lack of technology of Shanghai dragon er.


love Shanghai Shanghai dragon competition, but also will eliminate a part of Shanghai dragon Er, but no matter how, with this strategy forward, our domestic Shanghai dragon Er can also borrow.

according to the characteristics and situation of the network, analyzes several possible impact:

, a Shanghai Er competition

three, globalization strategy, also can make Er more complete Shanghai dragon global business

then love Shanghai internationalization strategy for our domestic Shanghai dragon Er,


yesterday just mentioned Jingdong bought 3.cn domain, the morning news, also love Shanghai during this time commissioned by the company registered Malaysia million net domain haluan2u贵族宝贝 and domain lasmasas贵族宝贝 spain. The industry has been in the process of internationalization of focusing on the love of Shanghai, through the two domain of things, can also reflect the love of Shanghai’s international strategy is a step forward.

if you love Shanghai not only the implementation of international strategy, search service in China, we face almost all from the domestic competition. Once out of the country, the Shanghai Dragon technology can be infiltrated in, at the same time, the customer will also increase the difficulty of optimization.

search technology is more perfect, eliminate some shortcomings like technology on Shanghai dragon er

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