season, but also by many candidates called black June. However, this year became the webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er are black in June, June 28, 2012, that is yesterday, Shanghai began to love crazy K station, the author of a web site also unfortunately caught. Rankings and included the moment wood, I certainly didn’t use what method of cheating. Has always been honest to do optimization, online just to see many webmaster friends also wrote articles, analysis of the reasons for the love of Shanghai large-scale K station, Shanghai Phoenix Forum and QQ group on everyone to talk about this topic. Think carefully, love Shanghai database error is not what, what kind of problems exposed in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners from this thing? In addition to the Shanghai dragon practitioners website optimization, the most fundamental is the optimization of yourself.

problem: at a loss, downhearted

This is the entrance of the June

Shanghai dragon is involved in all walks of life, love Shanghai algorithm for some industry will definitely "special care". When they find their own website problems, many practitioners are back to Shanghai dragon forum or QQ group asked the solution. So you can see a lot of friends to make comments or suggestions, of course, these are well intentioned peers most. These opinions or suggestions we can go to learn, not blind execution. The best is the same industry and the Shanghai dragon practitioners more exchanges, we are likely to rival. But the site is also the most value > counterparts

two: do not understand themselves to analysis, "

Many novice

as a webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, K site is certainly unacceptable. Especially for those who love Shanghai in accordance with the optimization guide of normal operation of the station and Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, saying: "vulnerable". Then again, since you entered this line, you have to be prepared. As the saying goes: "often walk by the river which can not wet shoes, in the face of love Shanghai sometimes we really Speechless, but you must try to think about the problem from the perspective of a search engine. With the Shanghai dragon industry grows, the search engine has started to pay attention to this group, will gradually pay attention to Shanghai dragon industry, I think like a hacker and network security of Shanghai dragon ER and search engine. Shanghai dragon and complement each other, not many personal webmaster, the search engine is "mixed" does not go.

friends face love sea K station will be at a loss what to do, even is downhearted. This is the time for us to have a good attitude, calm analysis of their website and peer website. Identify the suspect may be the biggest killer, you of the chain is too fierce, there may be Links, there may be the content of the web site. Exclude self optimization, leaving only the search engine problems, like this large-scale K station. Certainly there are many web sites are "dump", so we have to carefully check the Links. Novice friends to hone their own ah, do Shanghai dragon must be impatient, critical moment must live hold.

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