thanks to A5 can provide such a good platform for the novice to learn Shanghai Longfeng exchange opportunities, I also like all who contributes to stay the same as a link to www.gouqipifa贵族宝贝 please keep, thanks to the support of

Ding thought I was a little worried, because he is very busy because not often gave me instructions, he called me in contact with A5, why and other famous Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon forum and Cardiff, graph king and Jiang Hui’s business experience and video tutorials, I will spend most of their time each day in the study, what is the relevance of content, original and pseudo original, included, and so on have never heard of the second term (this is a website impression, no further understanding of income). Plus I Ding exchange, front fog suddenly clear a lot. In the preparation of their own, and started a new round of registration, posting replies (Bo Wen) – (Bo Wen), plus occasional writing is very difficult to get out of the original articles and pseudo original article, I practice the station slowly with the ranking, she was very excited – before posting boring and ID blocked troubles Suifengerqu

now, I was a member of one small lead team, every day in addition to optimization and operation a few stations, further exposed to a lot of relevant knowledge and skills! For the first time in the A5 so well-known site posting (Ding repeatedly urged and cheer), will inevitably feel a little scared, don’t know how to use words to describe it all now than the college entrance examination composition more nervous

optimization is regularly, keep the optimization of a certain number of every day, a lot of time to learn, learn more about the Shanghai dragon knowledge, have a month’s time inadvertently, his practice station has been stable in Shanghai before three, Google’s first love, a row of key words in the home! From that moment, I realized that Shanghai dragon magic, no longer feel boring, but there is a lot of interest


the past two months, I have been in the forum, blog about the reason for this is also a source of like-minded Brothers – ding to the similar experience through the network, we hit it off, he took me into the mysterious field of Shanghai dragon! Through the network to communicate with his patient guidance, I know the essence of Shanghai dragon is one of the "content is king, the chain for emperor", he also gave me the selfless dedication of a web site, select a small competition for keywords call me hand, Gesanchaiwu to me reminded how to do those things, is must pay attention to

!All the

from the boring post began, at first, I just posted the top posts, never pay attention to this forum is what to do, the section of what is about to – Ding before I give notice the throw, one week down half of registered forum account the above was deleted, I was very depressed, think it is not reliable.

! ! !

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