first, looking from the site at the bottom of the optimization method. Many webmaster focus only on the label, keywords deployment optimization details, the fact that the site is like a patient, the patient when the surgery is regarded as hopeless. is the best solution, the site is also a reason, the bottom mainly refers to the website structure and code optimization, for example, get a new station, we must carry on redundancy optimization the template code, adjust or change, and the details of the home page keyword layout optimization. These are part of the bottom of the site belongs to the category of optimization.

fourth, according to the different keywords for different optimization ways. The author found that the majority of Shanghai dragon Er are such website optimization, in the process of optimization, first developed a title, and then for a website title content around the keywords, but.

third is a threshold for the optimization of the railway station. Why is the core content of the new optimization, the first new station just on the line all have no advantage, weight, age, the key link of voting, the search engines index assessment website, for new sites do not have, this time we have to do is to do their own content construction, through their own efforts to make up for deficiencies the present. This time a week or every day for the site to increase some high weight content is very necessary, the content according to their own experience of writing, but also on certain topics, expand their discussion and evaluation, these users concern but do not understand the problem, through their own words to explain clearly, this is of high quality. That is, users enjoy reading the article.

we know that many webmaster for the Shanghai dragon is quite familiar, but in the process the author finds that Shanghai dragon Er only treat the table, not the rule, the reason is their own ability of technical problems, followed by their own no such general optimization means, just after getting a according to the website, summarize a set of optimization methods is very important. Then, after getting a specific website how to filter optimization idea? Here, the author detailed analysis through the following points.

second, must provide clear access for search engine. The search engine for the first to understand the way of the website is search engine grab, first access to the breadth and depth of the site links, mainly through the URL website in view of this path, must understand the optimization principle of the path is usually shorter is better, must give the spider a very smooth path to keep a complete capture channel very well; we all know that spider crawling is the code, do not see the web interface, so the code level to be very clear, try not to use some dynamic things, so very affect the spider grab and crawling efficiency, the dynamic identification file cannot be adjusted or replaced, such as: JS, falsh, video, audio, multilayer nested tables. To adjust or replace the best way to reduce the resource occupancy rate for server.

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