because the busy station to buy the station, there is a period of time without submission in a5. This time has been thinking a lot about the optimization problem, the tutorial is mentioned in a problem, that is to adhere to the original article. I’m thinking about our webmaster friends how many people stick with the original, and stick with the original friend, you stand really can bring benefits. Here I want to discuss it with you on the original site.

In fact,

submitted in Shanghai and on the interface are noble baby there is such a word of advice on the website. The website to keep the unique content. What is the unique content? I think the unique content must be original, but the original is not unique. The search engine is actually the weight to the original weights from the unique content. If an article just said the views of others, do not have their own unique insights, even if this article is original, but the content is not the search engine needs. Some friends in order to maintain the uniqueness of his collection of articles to modify, listen to a friend said last time he managed to deceive the search engine that is reproduced in the original content: it is a word more appeared in an article about the replacement. Use pictures or other words to replace. Such a sacrifice in exchange for the different keywords. This is like when playing online games some words have been blocked, but can be dismantled or separated with a reason to let it show. But this effect is not ideal. Is not necessarily a good ranking, especially for users reflect the effect will be very poor. So I think that these games do not play well. When I want to add a keyword in the article in the article will use symbolic cue readers, this is independent of the keyword and paragraphs. This can not only increase the number of keywords, but also can improve the user experience.

has been a key site of internal optimization. With your web site in the search engine rankings and included, have a great relationship. Also many use acquisition program webmaster headache. The similarity of the page will bring the possibility of high search engine K off, when I and friends talk about the use of acquisition, he talked about one of his for 7 years was the site, because the early use of acquisition so that his station has been in Shanghai there are adverse effects of love. Until now, little improvement. So here suggest that friends if you are in the hands of the station to operate carefully, do not use pre acquisition station. But the search engine is how to distinguish between the original article? Whether the original article is certainly very high priority! The answer is not necessarily. Influence of search engine ranking many factors. The original and is not the only standard.

, some time ago to send some articles on a5. The A5 audit will be very strict, so it is completely original. But after a few days to search engine search. The sea fell in love with the title in the search, I found that part of the article is not in the home, of course, this and the other factors related to the PR value of the page. However, the search engine is the basis.

In addition to The original

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