web site included decreased conjecture one of reasons: the original article audit efforts to strengthen

web site included decreased conjecture three reasons: love Shanghai judge original defects in

Er were found in the website of Shanghai dragon love in Shanghai included the amount of decline at the same time, also observed a phenomenon that most of the anti chain is also a sharp decline. Therefore, love Shanghai increased foreign chain quality assessment. Before a lot of backlinks website to stand up to love Shanghai evaluation mechanism, withdraw from the tournament, it was a cruel society a strong constant. The chain is greatly reduced, more or less affect the included and included quantity problem.

for the new station, love Shanghai search engine to determine the original or defective, can not be a good judge of original and copy the contents, so that the search engines can not clearly determine the original source. The new Shanghai dragon Er are always self prevention, to prevent others from collection of web content. At the same time to want to think has included the web page you can use a lot of links in the chain, Shanghai love again review, possible errors in judgment.

has been included in "general will not be deleted, love is rare in Shanghai! This Shanghai dragon Er psychological thought. Indeed, before the love Shanghai search ranking system is that, at present Shanghai love search engine increased again makes the audit process, improve the user experience. This conjecture answers the reasons why the novel station included the amount is very low and the amount included a substantial decline.

is not difficult to find the most recent Shanghai dragon er who website will appear more or less reasons included the decline, a serious point website down tens of thousands. Whether small or large sites or sites, are unprepared for such changes into the. Why is there such a situation, complain can not solve any problem, why do you have a flexible mind not used. The author from personal blogs and other websites to gain some useful reference value. What is called back that most web pages are reproduced or pseudo original article is not high. Do not believe you can see my blog?.

web site included decreased conjecture four reasons: love Shanghai foreign chain to improve the quality of

in 2012 ushered in the new year, at the same time they also thrive in Shanghai dragon er. In order to keep pace with the times, love Shanghai search engine ranking algorithm is strengthening constantly update, but not deviate from the core theory of it can not be changed, of course, refers to the working principle of search engine is basically not changed. Although not what changes, but some of the details have subtle changes, this is a little subtle changes in the recent, most of the sites included decreased.

web site included decreased conjecture two reasons: love Shanghai audit re

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