Now many webmaster

search engine at this stage can not be judged content of humanity quality, so the "end of the chain is king" era is too ideal.

, please keep the link.

search engine quality index through the website external links and the number of the chain to the final judgment of the site search ranking connection index.

now many webmaster do not have the professional knowledge of related industries, the editor of the article may be biased, not the viewer is willing to read some articles, and it is ER Shanghai dragon edited text, although the content is not long but talk about them or not to discuss. Therefore, the operator of the website should have the relevant industry knowledge.

Then the

so, you were still good, do the chain. Hope that one day, the webmaster can directly improve the search rankings by its rich web content, but not hard to find the chain.

through A5 sent the article to obtain the high quality of the chain, but the webmaster, you imagine, these chain really help to you? Because A5 articles are usually only released on the IT website and other related industries, the news and the exchange of experience. Most of the webmaster related site is independent of the contents of this. ZAC in his book, the chain not only depends on the quantity but also the total number of chain of the domain name, which I agree. The A5 published an article reprinted can bring a lot of access to a large number of sources in the chain of different domain name. At the present stage, that is to say "the chain for the king" this stage is for the weights of the website promotion is a great help.


chain is king "era when the end? There is no end outside the chain is king of the times? In the process of the development of Shanghai dragon there are many websites (enterprise station included about 100) outside the chain of a surprising number of serious business connections. What is our website by ordinary users to pay attention to? In fact, many Internet users through search engines to find professional knowledge you want. This is not a rejection of the link to buy, but, I think the future of the search engine should be content, as long as the search engine can intelligently judge the original and pseudo original, superior and inferior quality of the article, can do this, you can enter the search engine "content only king" era, only the rich content is ordinary users are willing to browse the website.

future "should not be outside the chain is king! From Google to cancel the PR value (PR value of main or Google foreign chain calculated score) of the moment, in fact, the chain should not be king. The chain should be king this is not nonsense. Despite the Shanghai dragon about the web site should be, service users, only the contents can be king, content is king readability.

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