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now many novice webmaster learning Shanghai Longfeng, are walking the road of practice and ethics, which is the most effective method of Shanghai Dragon Technology promotion. I will share with you my own experience: Learning in Shanghai dragon after a period of time in the boss’s encouragement, start a station hand, is a message class website, because they love to send text messages, according to their own interests to make a stand, is to let oneself can unremittingly. Keywords mining and selection, but also spent a lot of time to observe, then every day staring at the love Shanghai index, a key, a key input, and finally selects 5 of the most popular keywords, the SMS, SMS, mobile phone, SMS blessing SMS, SMS platform to laugh these words as the site of the title. Beginning with the majority of owners confidence, are published by an article published his manual; but everyone is good times don’t last long, with an inert, did not see keywords ranking, flow or single digits, although is a hobby, but when it is difficult to adhere to.


Hello, today to share with you the topic is: to optimize the corresponding keywords according to the site’s weight. As we all know, optimizing a website the first thing to do is to mining, then analyzes a competitor, and finally determine the keywords to optimize. But many webmaster friends for these details before optimization have been done, but sometimes is a trend mentality of their website, why? Because many owners are always staring at some key words index is very high not to put, know oneself is a just do the new station, and to to fight with others, although start with confidence, but the reality is always cruel, with the impulse of the moment, no lasting passion is not desirable for webmaster friends

weight should be very low, we in keyword selection, the home should be considered is that some degree of competition small keywords. It is easier to optimize up keywords, traffic is relatively easy, it is not a little encouragement for the novice. But if you have a very people can endure loneliness or have a very strong team, started a very popular keyword optimization that is nothing wrong. To be able to insist for a long time that resistance to live lonely people, a start to choose popular keywords, although before >

do a thing whether success or failure, sum up is essential, now also to combat their process to do a summary, reason cannot keep mainly lies in the choice of keywords, since it is a new station, no key comparison with some small degree of competition and optimize the choice of keywords competition degree it is to increase the pressure on their own. For the selection of words, I think should be the main to do the corresponding optimization according to the site’s weight. According to their actual combat experience can be roughly divided into two points:

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