website not update

said to the contrary, the content of the website is the first search engine to crawl, and your website page originally less, there is no fresh content to the spider, like your website is a meal.

was not, so we have to analyze what the site is not wrong, what problems need to be improved, so as to make the website to love Shanghai included.

this is a new station with the Sunzhao, some new Adsense in order to save time and effort, in order to fill quickly, and the use of acquisition software to fill their own content, most of the collected is of no value content, not processed, it is with others content is repeated these contents, already exists in the database and love Shanghai, then the database will have the burden of spiders have been collected through the content, you’ll be collected, spiders first came to second times or so, then he won third times, this is not one of the reasons to update snapshot love Shanghai also, webmaster to play the "seven injuries boxing".

How long will the new acquisition The contents of

new snapshot is usually half a month and a month or so, some sites also soon get love in Shanghai, before I A5 webmaster online vote "love Shanghai" secret "you can look at the new station on the line, then love Shanghai included time range, you can view under the web log, to see whether there is love Shanghai spiders crawl records, there is a website set up details, robots.txt prevented the spiders crawl, if not removed, usually the railway station do a few high weight links and have to send the chain is to let the spider to crawl. If these are not resolved, then you may play a set of "seven injuries boxing" I give you one pointed out:

the Shanghai Dragon City:

netizen "tearful strong" questions to:

website?? as for nearly a month, why love Shanghai is not included? Website that day also submitted to love Shanghai and Google all the major search engines are presented, and a PR4 and a PR6 Links website, every day will go to more new although not original but others are bought false original article, also do the chain, sometimes several every day to do 10 to more than 20 the chain, but the site is not included. Why is this? There has been no snapshot, urgent!!



a new snapshot not update is indeed a thing most headaches, but one thing is very difficult to solve this problem in the Shanghai dragon, we do website optimization, everything revolves around the search engine development, especially some of the new on-line, half a month or even for a long time without snapshot, though the snapshot is a tool, but a new snapshot is not this is let owners sit on death.

are repeated too much

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